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Noble Credit Management

49 Station Rd
East Sussex
BN26 6EA

Tel 01323 382722

Credit Checking Service - Credit Reports

Minimise bad debt and increase your profit 
 Assess customer creditworthiness and set appropriate credit limits

Credit Checking / Risk Analysis

Have you written off a debt due to a customer entering liquidation or administration?

Whilst you can never guarantee against experiencing a write off you can take action to minimise the risk of it occurring.

Credit analysis involves determining the probability of payment and is often overlooked when extending credit. Probability of payment involves gathering various forms of information such as bank and trade payment experience, full analysis of the customer’s balance sheet, profit & loss account and cash flow statement.This is time consuming and ideally should be carried out by a specialist.

In today’s fragile economic climate it is so important that businesses do all they can to protect against risks such as non payment/bad debt or fraud. Our credit checking facility gives you access to comprehensive and affordable reports that contain all the salient information that will ensure that you know the financial strength of your new clients or suppliers before agreeing credit terms.

We can analysis and credit check your whole customer database, review spend for each customer and recommend an  appropriate credit limit to set.